October 28, 2016

My dear friend I have a word
Especially for you
You have a purpose and a plan
I want to see you through

There is a gift inside of you
That others seem to know
And jealousy within them
Wants for you to go

But here I stand to cheer you on
It happens to us all
Don’t let the plans against you
Cause you to stop and fall

See it clearly for what it is
A plan to make you stop
Your gifting it comes from the Lord
Of course they’ll try to block

But if you raise up as you should
The truth will shine through you
A chance that they will get the truth
And see God loves them too

I pray a grit down in your soul
Will make you get so strong
That nothing else can stop you
You’ll stand where you belong

We need for all believers
To stand and take their place
The darkness getting deeper
We must all run the race

That thing that is inside you
Please choose not to ignore
The pleasure that awaits you
Is knocking at your door

I know it is quite scary
To go against the tide
But know that it’s your life not theirs
Don’t run away and hide

Seek the Master – know His will
From this you must not hide
There’s something He has put in you
Don’t bury it inside
copyright  Jean Chamblee  2010