Hungry One

August 22, 2013

Oh to find a hungry one

Searching just for Me

Not filled with all the worldly things

But craving just to see


See into the unseen realm

Where Christ and angels dwell

Wanting such unearthly things

That rescue one from hell


Seeking out salvation

Set upon a hill

My Son, my gift to everyone

Will come to you at will


Waiting for your calling

A true repentant heart

Wanting what the world can’t give

A new redemptive start


So much love to offer

Secrets great and wide

He will reveal to open hearts

That draw close to His side


Don’t be fooled by spiritist

Don’t be fooled at all

My words I’ve left to guide you

Into the throne of God


My way is laid before you

A lamp unto your feet

From all times past it is the same

The way that we can meet


All I’m asking of you

Come alone with Me

Take the Holy words of God

And let My spirit teach


copyright 2013   Jean Chamblee