April 12, 2016

Quietly I rest my soul
And turn my heart to Thee
Knowing that You’re always there
And nothing You can’t see

Loving me in all my mess
And yet so perfectly
Taking all away my stress
And giving life to me

Sitting in amazing grace
Your wonders I can see
Lovingly created
For Your children to receive

Days will pass, times go by
What remains is time we’ve spent
Sitting at the feet of Christ
And sharing what He’s meant

copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee Thomas


June 5, 2014

Painful past
Mistakes made
Can’t change
The path was laid

Ironclad grip
Pulling down
Crying out
In tears drowned

Spinning round
A sinking ship
Life’s a mess
Can’t get a grip

What if there
Was really a way
A gift for you
A completely clean slate

If you can get past
Prejudices made
Open your mind
The price was paid

Forget religion
Not what it’s about
Embrace the Truth
That will let you cry out

Forget the steeple
The Easter parade
Jesus is deep
It’s no charade

The blood He shed
Is no laughing matter
Such a shame He’s been treated
With a light hearted manner

Love so deep
Heart so good
He gave it for you
He shed His own blood

So you could have
Another chance
Get free from your past
Set free to dance

Dance a new life
Leave the old behind
Take hold of His hand
He will take off the blinds

That’s right it’s a kick
Jesus is the Way
You’ve heard it all along
Thought it was a cliche’

Don’t need to be religious
To talk to the One
That loves you so much
Had me write this sweet poem

So guess what precious one?
He’s waiting on you
To give a clean slate
Start your life brand new

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010


June 5, 2014

You have not found your way here by accident.  God has a special plan for your life and we have simply been brought across your path to help you on your journey to know Him. What an awesome thing to come into a relationship with your Creator.  This could be your day!  Below is a simple explanation from the scriptures on why we all need a Savior and how we are actually put on this earth and “created” with a hunger in our hearts to know the One that made us.

Let’s start with what the Bible says about our need for a Savior… Romans 3:23 says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

That is all of us. None of us is without sin. We have all done things that our consciences have told us not to do, right? We have all violated that inner voice that tells us right from wrong. In a way that is good news! Because salvation is not something we can earn or attain to. Not a position we can ascend to. It is a FREE gift. Purchased by Jesus Christ when he shed his blood on the cross.

He alone as the Son of God lived a perfect life and could be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. And what love He had for us that He was willing to do that on our behalf. A crime (sin) was committed and a holy God must satisfy justice. The beauty of it all is that He knew we could not do that ourselves and He chose to send His own Son as a sacrifice to pay the price for us.

John 3:16 says… For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. WHOEVER believes. God does not discriminate. His gift is for us all. It is up to us to choose. You don’t have to “get cleaned up” before you come to Christ. Only He has the power to make you a new creation. It’s not something you can do on your own.

Romans 10: 9, 10… If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

That is just the beginning. A real relationship with Him is possible. An intimate place with Him for those who seek Him with all their hearts.    Jeremiah 29:13 says…”
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Think of it…you can know your Creator. He made you because He wants you. God created us because He wanted a family. Amazing! Are you ready to get started?

Prayer is simply talking to God. Nothing fancy.

Here is an example of a salvation prayer:    “God I believe you are real, I see your creation and something inside me tells me there is a reason you made me. I ask you to come into my heart, come into my life, and show me who You are. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Forgive me for the many sins I have committed and help me to walk and live in a new way. I want to know you. I invite you to be my Lord and Savior. Help me to grow into a loving relationship with You. Help me to know Your ways. Open my eyes so that I can know You.” Amen.

He is Lord and He cares about all of your life, your joys, and your pains. He created you to be with Him; a part of Him. There is a rich relationship with God in front of you as you continue to seek to know Him more.  You are greatly loved!    Hebrews 13:5  “For Jesus has said,  “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.   You need never feel alone again!  Welcome to the Family!