I am poured out
Like water that flows
Hoping somehow
My life in Christ shows

Wanting to bless
Sometimes I fall short
But I get up and try again
His love to report

Mercies are new
Every morning they are
Satan tries hard
To remove mornings Star

Battle upon battle
In prayer I must go
Thanking our Father
For the Holy Spirits flow

Without Him I am nothing
Nor ever shall be
But in His arms safely
My soul shall be free

He made me uniquely
Like all of His own
It makes me smile sweetly
That in His eyes I’m known

copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee Thomas


June 10, 2014

The waves they are a’ tossing
When there’s no sea around
The ground it is a’ moving
No stability to be found

The skies are turning black now
Pray tell what shall we do?
How will we survive this trial
If we won’t turn to You?

You are the solid Rock on earth
It’s all we have to stand
What You’ve done will always be
No one can move Your hand

Living in another realm
And yet You’re here with us
You’ve made provision for our souls
But in you we must trust

Resting in this rocking boat
Like Noah years gone by
It’s really not a different thing
In You we must rely

A rainbow there will always be
Your promises stand true
No matter what this time may bring
Our safety is in You

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee

Safe And Sound

February 3, 2014

Everybody’s changing

Drama runs amuck

Ones that used to be so good

Have now become such schmucks


Living in their feelings

Moved by every wave

Any sense of stableness

Has burned up in the flames


Where’s the rock we’re looking for

There’s really only one

Not subject to the blowing winds

The changes in the sun


He dwells within a secret place

It’s there for you and me

If you dare to follow him

It’s there you will be free


So where’s this one we’re looking for

He’s been there all along

He’s waiting for your voice to hear

You call him with your song


He’s old, He’s new, He’s ancient

Not subject to the wind

Upon His words, His solid rock

Your soul can rest in Him


Forget the old religion

Not based upon His words

Go back to the beginning

Refresh what you have heard


His love is deep compassion

Amazing as it seems

It may seem quite old fashioned

But love it is a dream


He is the Rock of ages

Change is not His thing

But He is our Creator

New life He’ll always bring


Jesus is the King of kings

I’m not ashamed to say

Don’t waste your time with shakey things

He is the only way


Rest your soul inside of Him

Others come and go

He will never leave your side

It’s you He wants to know


He made you for a purpose

Peace is when you know

He’s waiting to embrace you

So much He wants to show


Go on now and love Him

Speak out and He will hear

The safety you have longed for

Will soon be very clear


Man cannot fulfill you

Will always let you down

Turn to your Creator

He’ll make you safe and sound


copyright   Jean Chamblee  2012