Sweet candy raindrops from heaven will fall
Bringing blessings unexpected for things you did not call
Things from My heart to say you are loved
A moment in time with peace like a dove

I love to spend time with you
Have so much to say
Yield over your time
Your energy, your day

Peel back the veil
Between you and Me
I am happy with your progress
You reflect what is Me

So much more to go
It will be fun you will see
As we laugh in the face
Of God’s enemies

So much strength to endow
It’s all on it’s way
You will understand now
Why things happened that way

Your life like a puzzle
Will come together again
In ways so much better
Than how it began

Come to Me, seek Me
Be with Me much
And your spirit will fly free
Where no enemy can touch.

copyright 2009 Jean Chamblee

A CLEAN SLATE (jcpoem)

August 31, 2016

Painful past
Mistakes made
Can’t change
The path was laid

Ironclad grip
Pulling down
Crying out
In tears drowned

Spinning round
A sinking ship
Life’s a mess
Can’t get a grip

What if there
Was really a way
A gift for you
A completely clean slate

If you can get past
Prejudices made
Open your mind
The price was paid

Forget religion
Not what it’s about
Embrace the Truth
That will let you cry out

Forget the steeple
The Easter parade
Jesus is deep
It’s no charade

The blood He shed
Is no laughing matter
Such a shame He’s been treated
With a light hearted manner

Love so deep
Heart so good
He gave it for you
He shed His own blood

So you could have
Another chance
Get free from your past
Set free to dance

Dance a new life
Leave the old behind
Take hold of His hand
He will take off the blinds

That’s right it’s a kick
Jesus is the Way
You’ve heard it all along
Thought it was a cliche’

Don’t need to be religious
To talk to the One
That loves you so much
Had me write this sweet poem

So guess what precious one?
He’s waiting on you
To give a clean slate
Start your life brand new

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010


April 12, 2016

Quietly I rest my soul
And turn my heart to Thee
Knowing that You’re always there
And nothing You can’t see

Loving me in all my mess
And yet so perfectly
Taking all away my stress
And giving life to me

Sitting in amazing grace
Your wonders I can see
Lovingly created
For Your children to receive

Days will pass, times go by
What remains is time we’ve spent
Sitting at the feet of Christ
And sharing what He’s meant

copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee Thomas


June 13, 2014

I’m longing for that intimate place
In the land of shallow souls
Seems no one wants to seek Your face
Or the words from days of old

So few want the treasures there
Just live from day to day
Avoiding anything with depth
Deaf to what you say

I’m longing for that intimate place
Sweetest place I know
No one else can fill that gap
From You all love can flow

I’m longing for that intimate place
I lift my eyes to You
Enraptured by Your glorious face
Until this life is through

copyright Jean Chamblee 2011

Longing Heart

September 29, 2013

You are my bread, my life, my song

With you alone, does my heart belong

Deep within me calls to deep

Draw me close Lord, Your heart to meet


You are the great I AM

Take me Lord into Your hand

Mold me into your heart of grace

Until I look and can see Your face


You are my bread, my life, my song

With you alone, does my heart belong

Deep within me calls to deep

Draw me close Lord, Your heart to meet


Breathing deeply, I feel you near

I will sit quietly, Your voice to hear

Waiting until the break of day

When I know what You’re saying, I will obey


You are my bread, my life, my song

With you alone, does my heart belong

Deep within me calls to deep

Draw me close Lord, Your heart to meet


Into Your image I will be drawn

Though the process painful, the days are long

I know that You have a plan for me

To be like Your Son, my heart set free


You are my bread, my life, my song

With you alone, does my heart belong

Deep within me calls to deep

Draw me close Lord, Your heart to meet





copyright 2013  Jean Chamblee 

Hungry One

August 22, 2013

Oh to find a hungry one

Searching just for Me

Not filled with all the worldly things

But craving just to see


See into the unseen realm

Where Christ and angels dwell

Wanting such unearthly things

That rescue one from hell


Seeking out salvation

Set upon a hill

My Son, my gift to everyone

Will come to you at will


Waiting for your calling

A true repentant heart

Wanting what the world can’t give

A new redemptive start


So much love to offer

Secrets great and wide

He will reveal to open hearts

That draw close to His side


Don’t be fooled by spiritist

Don’t be fooled at all

My words I’ve left to guide you

Into the throne of God


My way is laid before you

A lamp unto your feet

From all times past it is the same

The way that we can meet


All I’m asking of you

Come alone with Me

Take the Holy words of God

And let My spirit teach


copyright 2013   Jean Chamblee


In a dark and lonely room

With a fire in my heart

I close my eyes and think of You


With unquenchable hunger

I call out to You

You are the union I crave


One taste of Your love

One drink of Your soul

My quest will last forever


Though clouded by flesh

Surrounded by worldliness

Like a flower buried beneath the snow


The enemy rages to rip us apart

Moments are stolen, some slip away

But light always returns

And melts away the baracade that tries to keep us apart


And that thing deep inside

First contact never dies

It twists and turns and cries out to survive


With conquering force

Breaks down all the lies

And sets free the heart , the love and the cries


The candle inside

the Love of my life

So much more than a Savior

His essence abides

Jesus, Jesus

Love of my life

May Your heart know how I hunger for You tonight