I am poured out
Like water that flows
Hoping somehow
My life in Christ shows

Wanting to bless
Sometimes I fall short
But I get up and try again
His love to report

Mercies are new
Every morning they are
Satan tries hard
To remove mornings Star

Battle upon battle
In prayer I must go
Thanking our Father
For the Holy Spirits flow

Without Him I am nothing
Nor ever shall be
But in His arms safely
My soul shall be free

He made me uniquely
Like all of His own
It makes me smile sweetly
That in His eyes I’m known

copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee Thomas



March 21, 2017

So you woke up today
And everything is not perfect
And it just seems like another day
Another mundane day to get through

But the saying is true
“Lift up your head for your redemption draws near”
There is a whole other flow to life
A life in the spirit
That is not lived in the “seen” realm

You are a living soul
And a soul greatly loved by God
He thinks of you every day
He loves and longs for you every day too

Not a guilt trip
Just the facts
He created you for a relationship with Him
Companionship that He relates it to a bride and groom

Love hurts, I think we all know that
When it is not reciprocated
I know God feels that
But He waits patiently and actively

Waiting for us to look up
Look to Him and open the doors of our hearts
Such treasures He has hidden for us to find
He waits for our will to choose

copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee

Peering into the unseen world
Mysteries profound
No one knows just what they are
But we can hear the sound

Sound of Spirit whispers fine
Sweet and quiet love
Coming from the throne of God
To bring us our new home

Been prepared since days of old
Waiting to arrive
On this planets surface here
New Jerusalem is alive

All in plain sight in Your book
But hidden to the ones
That never open up their hearts
It’s only for Your sons

Sons and daughters waiting here
Clicking away the time
Anxiously awaiting
While we do what we’re assigned

Bride and groom the dances swirl
Imagining the day
When we can join the veil removed
Freedom to see Your face when we pray

Looking into Your eyes of love
No longer far away
Eternity’s mysteries calling us
We’re waiting for that Day

copyright  2016  Jean Chamblee Thomas

“The smallest act of obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, can FAR outweigh the acts of apparent goodness in the eyes of man.”

Who really can you trust?
Most are selfish souls
Looking out just for themselves
And reaching for their goals

Who has your interest best at heart?
In this self absorbing sphere
While the world is spinning ‘round
Who gives a flip you’re here

Who would sacrifice?
Or give up anything
Isn’t that insanity
Most want the finer things

Who will forget your past?
It’s oh so fun to them
To bring up faults and failures
And run you in the ground

Who will really love you?
No one that I know
It isn’t in the nature of man
Our God we need to know

Who has proven who He is?
No questions left unsaid
He laid His life upon a cross
For you He died and bled

Who is faithful ‘til the end
Promises fulfilled
You can count on all He said
His love is in His will
copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee Thomas

Why is pain a place of change
The burning cauldron real
Melting and then molding
Quite like a piece of steel

The emerald and the diamond
Created in the press
Pressure brings a beauty
No other way can dress

Why is there a hunger
In our heart of hearts
To become all that we can be
Even if it smarts

Pain a curiosity
And I still wonder why
It is the grandest instrument
To cause our hearts to fly

copyright  Jean Chamblee 2010


Capture a moment of normal
Don’t forget what’s important to see
Those ones very dear that surround you
The ones in your own family

With a world that is in so much turmoil
Easy to forget to believe
That there’s still a few moments of normal
Still a few moments to breathe

So grab that grandbaby and hold her
Bounce that toddler around on your knee
Call a truce with your sister
And treasure your own family

Time is a gift swiftly fleeing
So quickly it runs away
So capture a moment of normal
And by all means, ENJOY THE DAY!!!

by Jean Chamblee Thomas 2008

A.D.H.D. Society – Poetry

December 2, 2016

Why is it hard to simply sit still
To take a little time to rest?
We are driven by what?
That mystery force
That says we must do our best

Is that all it is?
This life I mean
How much can we produce?
The days slip away
And then they are gone
Did we really get what life is worth?

A little girls smile
A tear for awhile
Making a mud pie in the dirt
Did we miss all those things
And not realize
Their value and what they were worth

Get militant I say
Harness the day
Don’t let society rule your world
Cause when it’s all done
And the race is won
Spent wisely I hope you will say

copyright Jean Chamblee 2009

I wish that I could reach out and touch
The wounds in your heart
Go back and change all the bad times

I wish that I could erase all the tragedies
And touch all the places that your soul still bleeds

I wish I could take you where comfort surrounds
Where safety is all that there is

I wish I could undo the memories
That haunt you at night all the time

I can’t do that… but please know with all of my heart
I would, if I could, but there’s hope

Jesus knew all the choices we’d make
All the things that would still come our way

That things would go wrong, the tragedy of our song
But He knew His love was still greater

All I can say, at the end of the day
Is that He is the answer still

His love goes so deep, it’s you He will keep
Trust Him, to you He belongs

copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee


October 31, 2016

Oh Lover of my soul I cry
I need you closely standing by
Raging chaos can be found
Just by rising, feet on the ground

In my sleep the comforts reign
I can hear You call my name
Beckoning me to come to You
Such desire to see me through

Such confusion waits to pounce
On my soul to pull me out
Of the place abiding there
Where peace surrounds me, loving care

Light and darkness, always war
Try to hurt me to the core
But You teach me to return
To overcome, Your ways to learn

You hate my enemies oh Lord
You teach me how to pick up the sword
Sword of truth declaring loud
Tearing down deceptions shroud

Oh this life it is a dance
I’ve chosen You, my pure romance
Jealous is our enemy
Though he tries he can’t have me

Over and over and over again
I choose You Lord, my love I give
And You keep me in your palm
Rescuing me all the day long

copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee