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October 30, 2016

Ever wonder why some things keep happening to you over and over?  Why you keep getting the same kind of boss?  Run into the same personality types or situations?   Could God have a purpose in them?  You may be surprised…..check it out!!

The Message

January 13, 2014

To some it will be a piercing sword

To others the words of life

To some it will be a fountains gate

To others a source of strife


To some it will be a saving grace

Just in time to save the day

To some it will be a dividing wall

Rejection is coming your way


To some it may save their marriage

As it councils from the Word

To some it will be twisted about

Misrepresenting what they have heard


To some it may be a life line

At the end of somebody’s rope

To others a source of mocking

As they treat it like it was a joke


To some it may be their very last chance

To hear the words of life

To some it may be a brandishing glance

As it touches on what is not right


Whatever response that we get from them

It matters not to the Lord

What really is important here

Is that we give out His Word


We cannot know the soil of the heart

If it is rocky or finely tilled

We cannot know how the seed will grow

Those things fall within the Lord’s will


Simply said, it’s the Message we bring

Just as it was given to us

It’s not in our power, what fruit it will bear

For this friends is where we must trust


copyright 2014  Jean Chamblee