VINDICATION—— it means “to have been proved right when one has been right all along” Vindication means that your name has been cleared, that the accusations were false and ill-posed —what they said about you was not true – and your name is completely restored.

Not only has God said that He will do that for us….in His time, and in His way. But God Himself will be vindicated of all the false accusations that Satan and deceived people have leveled against Him.

How many accusations have we heard from Gods own creation? Egged on by Satan….
How can a loving God let this happen, if He’s all powerful, why didn’t He stop this or that? But one day…..every eye shall see…”Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to God” (Romans 14:11)

It will all make sense some day, when the blinders come off. All will know that God truly is a God that loves justice and mercy. His kingdom is a kingdom of justice. It’s the “time” factor that messes most people up. Look at Joseph… took over 15 years for him to be vindicated. But he was vindicated in such a spectacular way that even he couldn’t have imagined it. (Genesis 37-47)

God sees, and God hears….and we must trust His plan. His kingdom IS a kingdom of justice, where wickedness is punished and goodness is rewarded. Which is why in His mercy….He sent Jesus to help us out and give us a way to escape our just punishment for those that confess their sins and repent. Forgiveness can only be attained through what Jesus legally purchased for us. His ways are higher than ours so we may not see it from our earthly perspective. That is where trust comes in.

Be at peace… will all make sense some day!
Blessings to you!