I had a prophetic dream last night.(Jan. 2020)     In the dream I was standing in a field.  It looked similar to a corn field that had already been harvested.  There was only dry ground and dry looking stalks or sticks in it.  As I was standing there – I looked up and a huge dark storm was coming towards me so very fast.  I thought – “I’ll never make it”  but began to run in the opposite direction.  Suddenly I was in a house and the winds were tearing it apart.  I ducked under a table against a sturdy wall and just held on.  I could hear and see the house being torn apart, though some walls and a room remained. 

When it passed by I came out and began to look around.  I looked out what used to be a garage door and saw many (maybe a dozen)  people on the ground dead.  But the unusual thing was they were all older people seemingly in their 70’s.   Also beside them were softball size hail laying on the ground.  I wondered if that had killed them, but didn’t know.

Then an older lady came out of the remaining room and asked me if I would sing them a song.  I was disturbed by this.  She was an older lady too and seemed to be oblivious to the people outside that were dead.  I was grieved and told her “no”, I don’t sing like that anymore.  And the dream ended.

So later that month the Covid -19 showed up in the U.S. and began to kill older adults especially and then recently (March/April)  there have been softball sized hail in certain areas in the United States.  I know there will be more and more to come.  The Bible speaks of “Hail stored up for the last days”  (Job)  and Revelation speaks of hail mingled with fire and blood.

But what puzzles me is the lady wanting me to come and entertain them with song as if nothing had happened.  It was grievous in the dream and grievous to the Lord – though I have yet to get the interpretation.  Feel free to add your comments.  I will add to this when I get that revelation from the Lord.  

We are living in the last days.  I encourage you to get right with God and close to Him.  And beloved of God – expect and look for God to give YOU – dreams and visions.  He wants you to learn to hear from Him well, so that He can guide you through these perilous times.  You don’t need a prophet – He will speak to you, through His Word, dreams, a still small voice inside like He did Elijah….and other Biblical ways that you need to study His Word and know so you can recognize His Spirit calling out to you.

I have done many videos on being led by His Spirit and teaching about visions and dreams.  I did this for you – so you can learn and walk it out in your own life.  Acts 2 and Joel 2 says He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh in these last days.  He wants to use you.  I hope you will accept the gift of knowledge and experience from me to jump start you into a deeper walk with God.  You can find my videos at –  JeanChamblee.com    It will quicken your learning curve.  God will tailor make what you learn for you.  I simply lay things out on the table from the Word of God for you to ask the Lord about incorporating them into your own life.  

You were born for such a time as this!!  You are made to be an overcomer.  Flying above fear and fulfilling your purpose on the earth in this time.  You are not a mistake.  You are meant to be here now.  Seek Him with all your heart and ask Him to reveal His Word to you as you study.