2 Thessalonians 2:3 “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first…”


The kiss of Judas
Is at your feet
The time’s drawing near
This spirit will be released

I can hear the cries
Of days just ahead
When brother betrays brother
Many will end up dead

I can feel the tears
On wet stained cheeks
Hearts so tender
They could never believe

Believe the betrayal
That is coming their way
With a purpose so sinister
So large in this day

They’ve teamed up with Satan
To give it a go
To rise to the top
Illegally so

To take you all out
Out of the Light
Out of the living
And into the night

Don’t care about you
Their hearts are so cold
How could you see it
When you’ve loved them so

Run to your Maker
Give Him your tears
Don’t let the bitterness
Steal away your years

Moments in time
Don’t risk the hate
Run, run away from it
Let forgiveness have it’s way

Rise above it
Rise above it all
Love is the answer
They will soon hit the wall

Let God bring the justice
He promises to
For those unrepentant
He’s said what He will do

Keep your hands clean
Keep your heart pure
Don’t let temptation
Take you down in the dirt

Let love arise
It’s a conquering force
Take on this power
By making your choice

Choose to forgive
Let it go, set it free
The damage will be minimized
It will heal, you will see

Trust in Your Maker
Walk in His ways
It’s the only way, beloved
We can survive in these days

Evil can’t triumph
If we don’t let it in
Jesus forgave us
From all of OUR sins

So must we do
Let God make things right
Don’t let yourself
Sit in judgement tonight

Keep your hands clean
Walk with hearts upright
All things God has seen
It’s all in His sight

He will deal justly
In this we can trust
We don’t have to help Him
He’s faithful and just

Betrayal it is coming
For some it is here
Take heed with this warning
There’s no need to fear

This life is fleeting
Our soon coming King
Will remove all the pain
That this life did bring.

copyright Jean Chamblee 2011