I have joined WordPress because I love to share my thoughts. I think writing a song, poetry or article with no one to read it is like cooking a meal with no one to eat it.  So I truly hope you enjoy and are in some way nourished by what you read.

I came to know the Lord Jesus on the 6th floor of Tyler Dorm at East Carolina University.  Literally on the floor–haha.   After coming close to overdosing on a stupid freshman free to party night….I began to seek deep inside myself for a higher meaning than what seemed to be before me.  God answered my hearts cry…even when I did not yet know how to really pray.

I had an encounter with the Living God.  He had saved me from myself the night of the overdose and then He showed up in my dream.  It was a dream like no other, full of purpose and calling.  I had never felt so deeply satisfied in my whole life, as I did upon awakening and realizing that God had talked to me in a dream.

Then one day, one regular day, I walked into my dorm after class and to put it simply God was there.  No, I did not see Him, but the power was like 100,000 electrical volts pulsing through my body yet not hurting me.

I fell to my knees and realized it was God.  I had attended a church as a kid and remembered the picture of Jesus in the stained glass with a lamb on his shoulders.  I had already decided I liked Him and that He must be gentle….so I was not afraid.

On that day I gave my life completely to Him and have followed Him for three decades.  He has not disappointed!!  A life truly lived in seeking God is not at all boring!  Learning to seek Him and hear His voice and do what He says and see the supernatural so often….many times in plain sight….is nothing short of spectacular!

I have written my testimony in a book called  “A Secret Life In The Secret Kingdom”  by Jean Chamblee  available on Amazon.   I also do a free video teaching series called  “Passing the Torch – with Jean Chamblee”  on Youtube  where I teach from the Bible about “How do I know when God is talking to me?”  and many other subjects.

As for now….I live in the country and write and record these videos.  I am married to a good man and have two grown children and two not so grown puppies that we love and I am grateful.   I don’t believe in coinsidences so I hope something you read or hear me say will be a blessing to you.  You were created for a purpose.  God is no respecter of persons.  What He does for one He can do for another.  It’s all in His Book and I hope you will begin or return to, or continue your journey to know the One that made you!

Much love,  Jean



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  1. Greetings! My name is Jean Chamblee and I am a Christian singer/songwriter/ writer. I have been in ministry for a long time and walking with the Lord on a serious level since 1980. I have my own website for music you can check out http://www.jeanchamblee.com or at cdbaby.com/cd/chamblee2
    I have joined wordpress because I love to share my thoughts. I think writing a song or article with no one to read it is like cooking a meal with no one to eat it. So as I have time to add to my site – I hope you will enjoy it!! Blessings, Jean

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