This quote really ministered to me from John Bevere’s book Good or God…..”Many of us act as if we are on a playground, when in fact we are on a battlefield. We’re at war, there’s a target on our back, and the enemy works tirelessly to bring us down. But if we remain in the light, he (the enemy) will fail because of God’s amazing grace on our lives.” Anyone that is pressing into the things of God is engaged in this battle….and it’s worth it, but not easy… we must encourage and pray for one another as we go through these things and know that for a true Christian life….the battles are real….but in Christ and hopefully Christian community, we can overcome. Jesus said “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” May God give us grace to follow Him completely….He’s already won the battle and His word can lead us to victory His Way as well!

Bless you and hope you have a great day!! Keep on keeping on!

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