IN MY DREAMS (poetry)

May 17, 2021

In my dreams 
I hear You call
I see the writing
On the wall

Unfold to me
Showing me 
What soon will be

Sometimes stories
Of my past
Explains things that
I could not grasp

Forward, backward
All between
You talk to me Lord 
In my dreams

Showing me 
Just how You feel
Bringing forth
Some things so real

Until I know You 
I can’t see
Your loving kindness
Good thoughts towards me

You are my Father
Love so deep
Denied in this life
But meant to be

Pour out Your Spirit
In this hour
So hungry hearts
Can know Your power

With God complete
As we humble 
At Your feet

Pure hearts cry
Will sure be met
Will still be kept

Just like Joseph 
In the prison groaned
God had a plan
To soon be shown

Hold on now 
The hour here
Things unknown
Will soon be clear

Rain from heaven
Holy fire
Will soon burn up
All vain desire

Return again
To your first love
Feel His closeness 
From above

copyright  2017  Jean Chamblee

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