May 9, 2021

I think one of the most powerful forces on earth is a mother’s love.  It certainly comes from God.  That tenacious love that won’t give up, no matter how hopeless it can seem. That unconditional love that forgives.  Yes, that definitely comes from God.

Many of us did not have mothers that reflected God’s love like that, but if we open our eyes and indeed have an open heart….God is faithful and will always fill in the gaps.  Some of us had mother’s that were too unhealthy in their lives to perform the normally expected things and for that we must have compassion and forgiveness.  But if we look closely - we will find that God secretly placed a “mothers’ heart somewhere in our lives and if you’ve never noticed it, I pray that you will see it today.

As I was growing up my own mother had health issues and for many years battled depression.  I know she did the best she could, although as a kid I needed more than she had to give, and God knew this.  Though I did not see it as His hand at the time, God placed a wonderful woman named Louise across the street from me.  She had four girls and was fortunate enough not to have to work a job as her husband provided for the family.

God used Louise to fill in the gaps in my life in so many ways.  She was kind and happy and content.  She led girl scout troops and always had good craft ideas to do in the summer days when we were bored.  She was “present” in a since that my mother was not.  She talked to us,  to her girls, and had enough big heartedness to let me just “hang out”.

God has placed other “mothers” in my life as well along the way.  I always longed for that friendship I saw between mothers and daughters and I got that with a great mother in law.  Shockaroo right!!!  I loved her and she loved me unconditionally.  Oh she wasn’t perfect.  She was actually an alcoholic - but her heart was so big that it was easy to overlook that, though she couldn’t overcome it and it eventually took her life.  But she filled the “mother’s”  gap in my heart for many years when I lived 3000 miles from my own mom.

Then my mother passed away in 1996.  My aunt Frances seemed to step into that empty spot and she was awesome.  She is the person that first introduced me to Christ in a very real way and prayed for me my whole life.  I have such gratitude to God for her and honor her simple but profound life.  Towards the end she had Alzheimers and I would call every couple of weeks and we would have the same conversation about 3 times (because she would forget and ask me the same questions),  but I still  just enjoyed her humor and her love.  It was still there for many years. Then she passed away.

God would always draw a “mom” to me no matter how old I got.  To this day, there is a wonderful woman that is 80 years old and my very best friend.  Wow!  God is good!!

I know He has been good to you too -maybe you were blessed with a great mother, but if not, God is faithful!!   Ask Him to open your eyes to “see”.  You might have missed them if you are looking for perfection  or a preconceived idea on motherhood. No two women are alike. The fruit is love and care.  It may have been a teacher, neighbor, relative, grandmother,  in law, sister, aunt…..but I guarantee if you ask God and have an open heart - they have been there all along the journey.  

If you can’t see it - I can tell you most likely why.  If we get bitter when we did not get what we expected or needed, or were harmed by our mother  - we close down  on what God wants to do.  That’s how so many of the Jews missed their Messiah when He was walking right there among them.  He was not meeting their expectations or their preconceived ideas on what He would be like.   As for our mom’s - It’s time to forgive them, understand they were human, and let it go.  Allow God to do a fresh work in your life.  Look!  I guarantee God has placed mothers around you and now that you open up you can see it - expect it.  You have to embrace them too, with all the imperfections and treat them with the honor and respect God wants you to give.  I do believe this principal works in all needed relationships if we will just be open to it.  Everyone needs love and needs to give love.  Who can you give a mother’s love.  It is just as awesome to be on the giving end of this story.  To be the Frances, Mary, Elizabeth in someone else’s life story.  Let go and let God - as my aunt would say.  Who can you be a blessing to today? Who around you needs a mother's love?  It is often the small things people remember.  That stick in our memories.  Like Louise and the paper mache’ puppets she helped us make one summer. Or the phone call saying "Just checking in on you" that makes you feel acknowledged and loved.   MOTHERING IS AN AWESOME gift from God.

This also works for fathering…..but hey, it’s Mother’s Day……so that’s another article.


P.S.   God loves you so much.  Each one of us He loves with an everlasting love.  If you have not done this - I hope you will ask forgiveness for your sins and let Him in.  He wants to fill the gaps in your life.  There is One Gap that only He can fill…..  to be your Lord and Savior.  No one else can do that - no one else has paid the ultimate price for your eternal salvation.  It took God coming in flesh and living a sinless life so He could be the perfect sacrifice for us.  He did that for you.  Always know how deeply you are loved and how complete His forgiveness is when we come to Him in honest confession.  

John 3:16  “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

And Jesus says:   “Follow Me”    (the Bible are His Words - check it out - the gospels are awesome!!

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