March 22, 2021

Good stuff…destined to be here, destined to overcome

End Time Prophesy

SHARING MY HEART Good morning! This is something I feel compelled to write, so I pray you will read until the end and just ponder and pray about it. God has put such a deep concern in my heart for everyone to be ready, walking with God and to be safe in the days to come. Not to scare but to prepare. So consider this question. What if there was a pole shift let’s say tomorrow or next week, would you be ready? I’ll explain what that entails in a bit. But would you be ready - not prepped in the natural, but prepared in your spirit and soul? It’s so important for us all to take inventory of ourselves. Is there unforgiveness towards anyone? Bitterness in your heart? Truthfully disappointed in God and haven’t had an honest conversation with Him about it - about how life has turned out?…

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