January 25, 2021

 Empty, empty your heart of it’s pain
 Let the tears fall down like rain

 They are a tool so long ago
 Created with knowledge of how things would go

 Again you will shine like a summer’s day
 Your heart will light up your smile like a ray

 As your heart returns to where it belongs
 To God’s arms alone where in Him there’s no harm

 Come again, come again I’ll take you away
 Again we shall experience a brand new day

 You know what that means, yet this time anew
 Cherished so rightly from a place made for you

 I am yours and you are mine
 We will be together til the end of time

 Always there for you in our hiding place
 That we have built while running this race

 Come to me, come to me, quickly you’ll see
 How sadness eclipsed by life’s melody

 You will sing greatly, your voice has it’s might
 No longer to dwell in mistakes dark, dark night


 copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee

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