COME… (poetry)

January 19, 2021

There is a place called intimacy
 That you and I need to be
 Close to Creator, the Lord is He
 So at the end of our days we’ll be free
 Free from this earth, the sadness , the tares
 Of the things in the darkness unseen
 Free from the never-ending pull on our flesh
 That tear us apart at the seams
 Life as we know it was not meant to be
 This state we are in - is not eternally
 But it’s here that we choose how things will be
 Heaven or hell for all eternity
 A paradise is waiting just for you
 But the way it’s set up, friend, you have to choose
 To trust in our Savior and stay close to Him
 Or follow the faker and be blindly sucked in
 Yes, He does let us, make our own choice
 It wouldn’t be heaven if you didn’t have that voice
 You must choose to really want to be there
 Your Father in heaven wants you to care
 Care about Him and others He’s made
 How wonderful a place He has gone and prepared
 Paid for our sins so we could be clean
 Leave behind the darkness and spirits so mean
 This is not a fantasy
 It will happen so quick
 The whole earth will change
 So sudden, so sick
 Here on the earth, 
 We’ll reap what we’ve sown
 So much destruction 
 On this land will be thrown
 Open your eyes and pray it be so
 That you come into faith so truly you’ll know
 How to repent, His blood freely flows
 Wash out your robes and be ready to go
 As we join to our Savior, all pain melts away
 As He fills us with joy on that wonderful day
 I want you to be there, my heart cries out
 I was sent by the Savior, this message to shout
 Cling to Him sweetly
 Seek out His Word
 So when things start to happen
 You’ll already have heard
 God wants you to be ready
 To be safely in Him
 So He can protect you
 Bring you safely in
 Into His presence
 In a beautiful place
 That He’s prepared for you
 With the human race
 Of those that have chosen
 And want to be there
 That choice is important
 That’s why we are here
 God so loved the world
 That He gave us His Son
 The door into heaven
 He valiantly won.



 copyright  2021  Jean Chamblee Thomas

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