January 16, 2021

copyright 2016   Jean Chamblee Thomas

 Speak softly to my broken soul
 No one else can make me whole
 Gently, gently Spirit speak
 Hold me closely kind and meek
 Pain so deep no words express
 Just a tear falls on my breast
 Dripping from my eyes of blue
 No idea Lord what to do
 Such a time I have not seen
 Maybe so, life’s been quite mean
 Icy cold most people are
 Except the few sweet shining stars
 On this I set my heart of hope
 That somewhere there’s a lighter note
 Can I sing again, oh my soul
 Can I speak of being whole
 In Your arms is where I lie
 I know you keep the tears I cry
 Feeling deeply loving long
 I wish again to sing Your song
 Trusting You, Who never fails
 Waiting for Your Spirit’s sails
 Into the sunset I will gaze
 Lifting up a quiet praise
 Heaven is my dream of dreams
 No matter those my hope demean
 I know You’re real with all my heart
 Lift me up my soul impart
 Give me joy and wholeness too
 I know You will I trust in You
 Heal me Lord so deep within
 Remove from me all lingering sin
 Set me on a path that’s right
 Help me Lord escape the night
 Of all around the daggers fly
 Lift me to your Presence high

 copyright 2016   Jean Chamblee Thomas

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