MORE AND MORE (poetry)

December 16, 2020

I get to know you 

More and more

As I walk through time

Jesus is my open door

So many things 

I thought I understood

But under clouds of darkness

My thinking hard as wood

So much more

O, Lord open up 

The eyes of my understanding

Fill again my empty cup

So close, so near

I feel you in my heart

Whisper away my fears

Your words hit every mark

Open, open 

O, God of the universe

The kingdom of heaven

Is the place of my new birth

I feel Your love arising

Lighting up my mind

Renewing every part of me

Didn’t know I was so blind

Our light is darkness

Compared to your infinite shine

And oh great God of the universe

How can you be so kind?

Kind and good and generous

To give us all we’ve got

Share with us your character

Hide your secret plot

Hidden treasures everywhere

If we would only look

Hidden treasures come alive

Inside your very book

Off the page and on the stage

Kingdom of God on earth

Now’s the time to enter in

And find out what you’re worth

Oh the price, the price He paid

He laid it on the line

Holding nothing back for us

He passed the test of all time

No love greater will ever be

Than what Jesus did for us

For now and all eternity

He gave His life for us

More and more and more, my Lord

Pour it out on me

The presence of the Trinity

That is our destiny!

copyright   2016  Jean Chamblee

Listen till the end!! This is good stuff!!! It gets even better as it goes……