UFO/Alien Last Days Deception

September 21, 2019

End Time Prophesy

Former Occultist, now Pastor gives good insight into how Satan most likely plans to use UFO’s/ aliens  as part of the great deception.  And even in my own circles I am grieved at how many Christians have already believed the lies.  Worth your time to watch.  Arm yourself with truth and pass it on.   (I am not pre-trib – but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – this information is really good)

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For many years…..actually since a surgery in 1997 ….I have battled chronic migraines and other health issues that were hard to bear up under. Often leaving me crying out to God to “take me home” because the pain was often unbearable. Thankfully God always got me through and they have let up some, but as the years passed I realized that I had a part to play too. My choices were part of the plan.

On one particular occasion I asked to go home yet again and heard God clearly say “No, you have more love to give.” Not what I wanted to hear, but I pressed on for the thousandth time. Then one particular day I was in a lot of agony and I got a different response. I could feel that Jesus was sad. I asked Him , “Lord what are you sad about?” Then I had a quick “picture” in my mind’s eye of a scroll sitting on an alter. I immediately knew. Jesus spoke to my heart and said, “the Father has granted your request”. I halted quickly with my heart in my throat. “And this will make you sad Jesus?” Sometimes we don’t realize our little conversations with God are not so little. He really is listening. I said, Lord, can I change my mind? I don’t want to disappoint you. I’ll keep fighting the good fight of faith….keep seeking to do your will and fulfill the purposes you have for me. Quick as I said it, another picture. The scroll burst into flames and I knew the order made in the heavenlies had been canceled. I was relieved.

But this morning after a particularly bad night……the words to my own song I wrote more than a decade ago came flooding into my mind. “This is your life, this is your story, which way is it gonna be? Wandering aimlessly, or will you journey down the path, that you’re meant to be. There’s a randomness a faintly heeded call. But a presence that’s Divine that fills them all. This is your life. This is your story. Which way is it gonna be.” (I have posted the song below.) I say all that to say this… this is what God ministered to me this morning. It is true that if you serve Jesus Christ and His kingdom that the Bible says that we are “….lambs to the slaughter” Romans 8:36 and there WILL BE spiritual warfare over our lives. BUT… Zechariah 9:12 ….return to the stronghold you PRISONERS OF HOPE”. We can be prisoners of HOPE. Hope in Jesus Christ. Hope that His will for us is good. Hope that we can press on and there is always something awesome around the bend if we don’t give up. Hope that our tomorrow is not the same as today. God does factor in our requests and choices. And to be clear…..He is God and He can say no or yes. But sometimes there is a “Come let us reason together ….”

Indeed some day there will be an appropriate and appointed day for us to go home which we will have no control over……but we need to realize that we can indeed choose to run the race and continue to press on for now. Each of us has something unique to give to the earth. Something no one else has. Someone that you mean the world to whether you know it or not. Someone that needs you to keep pressing on until the appointed time. I hope you will listen to the song and ponder the words. “This is your story…..which way is it gonna be” I can’t promise that I won’t wear out…..but I do pray that God will keep me as a prisoner of HOPE for the rest of my days. I would appreciate your prayers also if God brings it to mind. I’m grateful for the journey I’m on, in spite of the difficulties. I hope my honesty has encouraged someone and opened up the possibilities of HOPE in God. “He makes everything beautiful in it’s time” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Romans 8:18 “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us”