Rare Recommendation

January 8, 2017

I rarely recommend books or teachers…..but in truth, next to the Bible….this is the most helpful and eye-opening book I’ve ever read.  I was crushed when it went out of print a few decades ago and I had lent it out and never got it back.  But recently it was picked up and re-published and it is just as helpful today as it was then.     ‘God Meant It For Good” by R.T. Kendall     It gave me a perspective and understanding of how God uses tragedies in our lives and  it helped me to see His hand at work in a new way.  Many things in my life made sense after I read this book.   It was life changing to me and gave me peace, even about the bad things that I had gone through.    Anyway…..I recommend it highly to all seekers of truth.  It is Biblically based and indeed about the life of Joseph in the Bible …..but in such a way and depth I have never heard from another teacher.    Hope you will go for it  …..it can be found on Amazon.com      “God Meant It For Good”   R.T. Kendall      (Best $10 you’ll ever spend)


Link:      http://a.co/gQIKy42


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