Look Into The Mystery – Poetry

January 2, 2017

Peering into the unseen world
Mysteries profound
No one knows just what they are
But we can hear the sound

Sound of Spirit whispers fine
Sweet and quiet love
Coming from the throne of God
To bring us our new home

Been prepared since days of old
Waiting to arrive
On this planets surface here
New Jerusalem is alive

All in plain sight in Your book
But hidden to the ones
That never open up their hearts
It’s only for Your sons

Sons and daughters waiting here
Clicking away the time
Anxiously awaiting
While we do what we’re assigned

Bride and groom the dances swirl
Imagining the day
When we can join the veil removed
Freedom to see Your face when we pray

Looking into Your eyes of love
No longer far away
Eternity’s mysteries calling us
We’re waiting for that Day

copyright  2016  Jean Chamblee Thomas


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