Narcissistic Failure – Poetry

December 15, 2016

Who really can you trust?
Most are selfish souls
Looking out just for themselves
And reaching for their goals

Who has your interest best at heart?
In this self absorbing sphere
While the world is spinning ‘round
Who gives a flip you’re here

Who would sacrifice?
Or give up anything
Isn’t that insanity
Most want the finer things

Who will forget your past?
It’s oh so fun to them
To bring up faults and failures
And run you in the ground

Who will really love you?
No one that I know
It isn’t in the nature of man
Our God we need to know

Who has proven who He is?
No questions left unsaid
He laid His life upon a cross
For you He died and bled

Who is faithful ‘til the end
Promises fulfilled
You can count on all He said
His love is in His will
copyright 2016 Jean Chamblee Thomas


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