Beauty From Ashes – Poetry

December 7, 2016

Fiery pieces falling ‘round
The heat is plain to see
Fire brings a destruction
But not when on our knees

Beauty comes from ashes
It always seems that way
If we look up to the Lord
And let Him make night day

We must see beyond the veil
Beyond this place we are
Temporarily stuck here
But eternity’s not so far

Living in the moment
Can bring a shattered glass
Our lens must be eternity
Time passes by so fast

Everything has it’s purpose
With our Creator the secret lies
That is why we seek Him out
So hope will start to rise

Something in tomorrow
If we move forth in faith
Not an antiquated term
It’s of this makes our fate

Reaching for our Maker
Quietly we pray
Listening for His answers
On How to live this way

Beauty comes from ashes
If we take that step
To look up to the heavens
Our tears our Father’s kept

copyright  2016  Jean Chamblee


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