DARE – Poetry

December 5, 2016

Dare to believe
That all can be well
In the midst of much chaos
God can still work His will

Casting your care
Such a sweet freedom there
When you really believe
That God hears and God cares

Dare to believe
There’s things you don’t know
An under current present
A heavenly flow

Let go of the wheel
Let His Majesty steer
You may be surprised
When you begin to see clear

Dare to believe
That He wants your best
He loves you so much
He won’t let you rest

Our time is quite short
His return soon awaits
He’s getting you ready
If you’ll willingly co-operate

Dare to let go
Of bitterness and strife
Forgiving all others
Will give you new life

Forgiveness is key
We must let things go
It’s so clear in His word
Why He let His blood flow

Don’t blow this off
As you’ve done times before
None of us know
When our chance is no more

copyright Lovingly written by Jean Chamblee 2010


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