October 27, 2016

Oh how this world
Has turned against God
They trample Him down
Underfoot they have trod

They mock His commandments
They spit in His face
Not only this country
But the whole human race

The hand that has made them
Has brought them so far
But they trade Him for gold things
For houses and cars

They hate His commandments
Set out to remove
Any rule of law
All justice they eschew

How long
Will His patient endurance remain?
How is it we don’t know
We can’t trample on His name?

Judgement and justice
Have not passed away
Consequences for sin
Are intact for this day

His grace won’t erase
For an unrepentant heart
Only those that are sorry
Turn from sin, from it depart

We can’t have it our own way
The Universe is His
We are His creation
We were born into this

He has made it so easy
His grace to receive
Paradise awaits us
For those who believe

Jesus paid the price
And a high price it was
To hang on a cross
For something He’s not done

Each has a choice
On which to be
He will separate the goats
From the sheep, all will see

Actions speak loudly
You cannot deceive
You may lie to the world
But with God it won’t be

Two thousand years
Is a long time for grace
Time to get ready
We will soon see His face

To the obedient such joy
To the rebellious such pain
The choice is your own
Which camp you’ll remain

One to damnation
There is eternal fire
The other to paradise
With a heavenly choir

Not playing games
So serious this is
He wants you to choose
To believe and be His

This may just be
Your last night on earth
Only God knows
Your death and your birth

Because it’s a choice
It’s all I can do
To sound this hard warning
And hope you will choose

Life without ending
In heavenly bliss
With great loving care
I hope you won’t miss

Can’t do it for you
It’s your soul to keep
But know that right now
For you we do weep

God truly loves you
Only believe
Reconnect with Him
Your soul He’ll receive
copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee


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