November 21, 2015

A quest and journey for the brave
A deeper work inside
From One who knows and loves you too
Nothing we need to hide

Not for a shallow, casual way
For those who want much more
For those who hunger for a depth
That takes you to the core

He said that He would finish the work
That He began in us
He wants us to go willingly
Without the usual fuss

A surgical removal
Of what was done within
Whether scar tissue or trauma
He wants us free again

We have an adversary
That’s good at what he does
But Jesus can remove his work
The things that were done to us

His ways are not our ways
He so deeply longs to lead
He came to destroy the works of hell
For this purpose He did bleed

God wants us to find joy in life
He wants us to be healed
It is a work of grace to Him
If we will only yield

The first step is the honesty
Of daggers in our soul
From childhood to this present day
We all have some strongholds

He wants to heal us deep within
Something special ‘s up ahead
He wants us to be free to take
The blessings He’s prepared

It all starts with a simple prayer
Lord show me what You know
Remove all hindrance in my soul
So I’ll be free to grow

Our time is racing quickly by
The work may be intense
But trust Him, He already knows
Soon it will all make sense

Our great Physician, Counselor too
He runs the Universe
He knows what is inside of you
He’s known you since your birth

I pray you’ll take this journey too
I’m on the road as well
It has been a rewarding trip
Such treasures to unveil

I know as we submit to Him
The best is yet to come
Let’s get all that His life can give
Before we all go home

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010


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