November 13, 2015

There was one day I was walk’in around

Nothing much on my mind

When the voice of the Lord came unto me

What He said made my soul hit the ground

“My child you have an idol,

An idol I see in your heart

Your mind and emotions distracted

I’m no longer first in your thoughts”

“Oh Lord”, I said, how can this be?

You know that I love you so dear”

But as I looked deep down inside me

I knew that His message was clear

My attention had been towards my mourning

Of someone so close to my heart

It was natural for me to do this

But it caused my priorities to part

Thoughts of them tried to consume me

Something that I could not fix

I had not cast my cares upon You

And Satan was up to his tricks

I hit the floor in repentance

Acknowledged this thing as a sin

No one, not even our mother

Should take a place greater than Him

The scripture is written quite clearly

No one can come before Him

Not even the love for our children

Can take His place deep within

Idols can be quite a tricky thing

They veil themselves cleverly still

Without God’s help to stay clear of them

Unknowingly we can give in

Humbly I came before Him

I thought everything had been right

As I listened to His holy council

His truth on my sin shined a light

So thankful for His correction

He only wants us to be free

So now I try to attend to

Many more things on my knees

It is easy to think there is nothing

That this cannot happen to me

Our posture must be, Lord please help me

So that blinded I never will be

For this it takes daily cleansing

A coming to Him to stay free

Lord grant us ears that can always hear

And eyes that in truth they can see

copyright 2015 Jean Chamblee


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