The Candle Of My Life

November 30, 2015

In a dark and lonely room
With a fire in my heart
I close my eyes and think of You

With unquenchable hunger
I call out to You
You are the union I crave

One taste of Your love
One drink of Your soul
My quest will last forever

Though clouded by flesh
Surrounded by worldliness
Like a flower buried beneath the snow

The enemy rages to rip us apart
Moments are stolen, some slip away
But light always returns
And melts away the baracade that tries to keep us apart

And that thing deep inside
First contact never dies
It twists and turns and cries out to survive

With conquering force
Breaks down all the lies
And sets free the heart , the love and the cries

The candle inside
The Love of my life
So much more than a Savior
His essence abides

Jesus, Jesus
Love of my life
May Your heart know how I hunger for You tonight

copyright 2009 Jean Chamblee

A love that would die for another
Is the purest love of all
A sacrifice for a brother
To catch him and stay his fall

How rare we do think
Of the passion of Christ
We simply don’t see Him that way
It must break His heart
He felt every part
From our minds we do cast Him away

How deep He must feel
His agony so real
A choice that He gladly did make
To win us again
From the clutches of sin
He alone our bondage could break

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010

A New Timeline

November 23, 2015

Do you need a word today
To catch you when you start to sway

A word that says that you are loved
With someone watching from above

To know that you are not alone
And if you choose you’ll have a home

The Lord has paved the way for you
If you just choose to walk on through

His blood is on the mercy seat
To wash you clean if you receive

This life we have – not all there is
Beyond the veil we’ll live with Him

Don’t put it off, now is the time
Open up to a new timeline

This earthly life’s not all we have
So don’t despair and don’t get mad

Focus on eternal things
It’s thoughts like these that give you wings

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010


November 21, 2015

A quest and journey for the brave
A deeper work inside
From One who knows and loves you too
Nothing we need to hide

Not for a shallow, casual way
For those who want much more
For those who hunger for a depth
That takes you to the core

He said that He would finish the work
That He began in us
He wants us to go willingly
Without the usual fuss

A surgical removal
Of what was done within
Whether scar tissue or trauma
He wants us free again

We have an adversary
That’s good at what he does
But Jesus can remove his work
The things that were done to us

His ways are not our ways
He so deeply longs to lead
He came to destroy the works of hell
For this purpose He did bleed

God wants us to find joy in life
He wants us to be healed
It is a work of grace to Him
If we will only yield

The first step is the honesty
Of daggers in our soul
From childhood to this present day
We all have some strongholds

He wants to heal us deep within
Something special ‘s up ahead
He wants us to be free to take
The blessings He’s prepared

It all starts with a simple prayer
Lord show me what You know
Remove all hindrance in my soul
So I’ll be free to grow

Our time is racing quickly by
The work may be intense
But trust Him, He already knows
Soon it will all make sense

Our great Physician, Counselor too
He runs the Universe
He knows what is inside of you
He’s known you since your birth

I pray you’ll take this journey too
I’m on the road as well
It has been a rewarding trip
Such treasures to unveil

I know as we submit to Him
The best is yet to come
Let’s get all that His life can give
Before we all go home

copyright Jean Chamblee 2010


November 20, 2015

My strength comes
From being alone with You
In no other way
Can my strength be renewed

In the quiet of my heart
I wait for You
Listening and obeying
What You want me to do

I am Yours
I belong to You
It’s no other’s business
What You’ve called me to do

Though I may long to be
Like all those around
I will pay the price
To give glory it’s sound

I love You my Lord
With all of my heart
Show me Your ways
Your Spirit impart

copyright 2013 Jean Chamblee


November 13, 2015

There was one day I was walk’in around

Nothing much on my mind

When the voice of the Lord came unto me

What He said made my soul hit the ground

“My child you have an idol,

An idol I see in your heart

Your mind and emotions distracted

I’m no longer first in your thoughts”

“Oh Lord”, I said, how can this be?

You know that I love you so dear”

But as I looked deep down inside me

I knew that His message was clear

My attention had been towards my mourning

Of someone so close to my heart

It was natural for me to do this

But it caused my priorities to part

Thoughts of them tried to consume me

Something that I could not fix

I had not cast my cares upon You

And Satan was up to his tricks

I hit the floor in repentance

Acknowledged this thing as a sin

No one, not even our mother

Should take a place greater than Him

The scripture is written quite clearly

No one can come before Him

Not even the love for our children

Can take His place deep within

Idols can be quite a tricky thing

They veil themselves cleverly still

Without God’s help to stay clear of them

Unknowingly we can give in

Humbly I came before Him

I thought everything had been right

As I listened to His holy council

His truth on my sin shined a light

So thankful for His correction

He only wants us to be free

So now I try to attend to

Many more things on my knees

It is easy to think there is nothing

That this cannot happen to me

Our posture must be, Lord please help me

So that blinded I never will be

For this it takes daily cleansing

A coming to Him to stay free

Lord grant us ears that can always hear

And eyes that in truth they can see

copyright 2015 Jean Chamblee


November 13, 2015

Morning write! Enjoy!! God is awesome and good and adventure is still out there!! Only this path is inward with sweet filled results!

End Time Prophesy

On the path of personal revival
Not an easy place to be
Because it requires great repentance
And a willingness to see

See the errors and attitudes
That Jesus knows is not right
Opening up and acknowledging them
Being honest with our own human plight

The flesh is always battling
But to the cross we must go
He expects us each to take it up
Give the kingdom of hell a great blow

On the path of personal revival
The Word is a surgical tool
Willingly lay on the table
While His Spirit begins to remove

Remove all the things generational
Cutting out the ways that were wrong
Correcting the things taught in error
Letting scripture become our new norm

It surely takes humility
Without honesty it cannot be done
Honesty with yourself and trusted others
Is the way that the battle is won

On the path of personal revival

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November 6, 2015

Encouragement to love and know the Word like never before! This is the hour….His Word is our Rock.

End Time Prophesy

John 1:14 [ The Word Becomes Flesh ] “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

You cannot separate Jesus from His Word. It is so important that He chose to fully identify Himself with the words He spoke to us. Word made flesh is how He described Himself. He knew that it would be Satan’s end game to try and separate the truth from Him and come up with another definition of just who Christ is. A false christ. It’s going to be very effective for the kingdom of hell to capture those that do not know the Word and who’s names are not written in the Book of Life.  (Revelation 13:8   “All who dwell on the earth will worship him (anti-christ), whose names have not been written…

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