September 29, 2015

If I could stand in a place and say

Listen, hear, look this way
I would share the truths
Needed to stay
Free from deception
Free from it’s prey

That dark lying force
Clothed in light
The harlot church
Coming in to sight

Bringing lies and deception
Peace they will say
A fantasy religion
All are welcome, lawless way
No ruler is needed
No Savior, No Lord
What does it matter
It feels good, they implore

All roads lead to heaven
We can say what we want
Believe all the lies
Make up the report

But eternity comes
That you can’t control
There is one Lord and Master
His Son on the throne

We all came from His breath
The giver of life
WE must accept or reject
His ways and what’s right
Judgement Day’s coming
We will all give account
Did we acknowledge our Creator
Or just ignore and run about
Making up lies – thinking no one sees
No need to give way or to fall on our knees

The sad part of it all
Is Jesus is Love
He has wonderful things
Prepared for those above

He chose to demonstrate
Our value to Him
Payment required
For all who have sinned

To see His passion
Nailed to a tree
The depth of His love
For all to see
Don’t miss it I pray
As you read this today
You are here on purpose
To have a chance to say

Come to me Lord Jesus
I want the true way
Not lies or deception
I want My Savior today

Enter My heart Lord Jesus
Show me your ways
Write my name in Your book
So heaven will say
Welcome dear one
I’ve been waiting for you
You sought after truth
I’ll be faithful to you
copyright 2009 Jean Chamblee


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