America’s Critical Hour

July 14, 2015

Tumble, tumble
Trickle down
We used to stand on Holy ground

Ground of heros
Near and far
Died to give us freedoms star

Lines are now drawn in the sand
Who will tumble
Who will stand

Who will cave at freedoms door
Lose the battle
Lose the war

Who are they that will sacrifice
Current freedoms
To save a life

Our kids here are the ones at stake
Tomorrow’s America
Is it too late?

Sacrifice is the question here
Will you stand up
Or do you fear?

History will record your cry
Whether you stood up
Or let it die

Do we know just what we’ll lose
There’s been no other
With so much to choose

That’s right
Our choice it slips away
Our government will dominate

Our right to speak
Do this or that
Are we ready to submit to that?

Critical hour
Such has never been
Do you love America enough
To take a stand?

copyright Jean Chamblee 2009


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