June 11, 2015


Is there a benefit to being “forewarned” about things? Did Jesus forewarn his disciples and us about things?

The answer is yes on both counts. What is the benefit of being forewarned about something? If you think about it, if you knew ahead of time that someone was coming to your house, you would clean up, pick up some snacks and get ready, right? Then you would be at peace when that doorbell rang.

For me one of the greatest benefits of being forewarned is that it keeps you stable when it comes.

Many, many times we see in the Bible of people being forewarned of things in a dream. Joseph (Mary’s husband) was forewarned about Herod. Joseph in the old testament was forewarned about famine in a dream and given a chance to prepare Egypt for the coming years.

Jesus forewarned all the time. He told his disciples that He would be crucified ahead of time. He told Peter how he would die decades in advance. He told all of us what the last days would be like in Matthew chaper 24 and the whole book of Revelation was given to us for what? It’s an area we tend to shy away from because we have never been taught that it is good that God warns us because of His love for us. It is a “good” thing to know even if the news is not so good. It stabilizes our souls.

Forewarning brings the chance to settle things in your heart and be at peace during the main event. The whole Bible is filled with prohecies concerning coming events. Many of which we have seen come to pass….like the scattering and rebirth of Israel….foretold thousands of years in advance. Many good things to like His second coming and what heaven is like.

So is it a good thing to be foretold about things? Often I think of the time before my mother died. I knew it was going to happen, and actually about 2 months before she passed away, I mourned and settled my soul. Then when the event actually happened, I was past my own hurt and able to comfort my other family members and be strong.

I think it is good to be aware and to be foretold, ready, and strong, so we can be a blessing to others.

The other option is to be caught off guard, unprepared, and traumatized. So I guess we each get to choose. As for me….I want to know. He who has ears to hear, let him hear….


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