When A Nation Is Given Over To Sin

June 8, 2015

End Time Prophesy

Head bowed
Tears fall down
I can hear
Great tyrannies sound

Marching at
The speed of snow
Falling quietly
The people don’t know

One freedom here
One freedom there
Slipping away
But people don’t care

Too caught up
In their daily needs
Caring for self
While liberty bleeds

Forces are strong
To bring this around
Stealthily putting
Troops on the ground

“Can’t happen to us”
Denial cries
They choose to believe
The government lies

Corruption is strong
Deception in place
Brainwashing people
To accept a small space

“For the greater good”
The liars do cry
Lusting for power
Camera’s that spy

It will be
As it’s always been
Evil will triumph
In the face of our sin

Until we cry out
On our knees do fall
Lifting our eyes
Towards heaven we call

Liberty comes
From the hand of God
We must turn to Him
Or with poverty be shod

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