Prophetic Word

May 16, 2015

So ….following the sound of the warning. I want to share something the Lord gave to me in 2007. I could hardly receive it because I had not heard preaching like this in our churches….God is Mercy and God is also Just. His mercy is greater because it offers escape to ALL those who will turn to Him and accept His way of escape and follow His Son and His ways into a beautiful eternity. Awesome. But like a child with a father…..we are chastened. If we belong to Him we are chastened and given a chance to repent/ change our ways and get back on track. As with all good parents….when the child does not respond to the punishment….it gets worse….and so on, until the desired result is given. (if we can keep it up/ God can) Few nations if any have been blessed to the magnitude that America has. We all know this to be true. And few have spit in the face of God as ours has. We have all been at least lukewarm at times and allowed this evil to rise. Many of us are fasting and praying ….but as a whole …not many in number. Anyway…..I know I will lose some of you on this one. But feel it is important to share it. It’s really heavy on my heart and I have been waiting for God’s timing to share it….it seems like the right time.
As I sat in the Mojave desert Thanksgiving weekend 2007…..our RV had broken down and I sat in a laundry mat while repairman came to our location to fix it. I was alone with my notebook and a pen for several hours. While in prayer, I opened it up and just started writing under the inspiration of God. I know it was God because these were far from my own thoughts and what I wrote grieved my own soul, but I knew it was true…..but so different from what I had ever been taught from the pulpit in any church I had attended. Although, I knew it was just like many things in the Bible……anyway I will share it again. Just as it is…..
Prophesy About America
Prophesy About America Nov. 24, 2007
Weep, weep , Oh righteous inhabitants of the earth; for grievous days of vexation lay ahead.
Gird up your loins and pray that your days may be short upon the earth.
Woe, woe, woe, to the earth for the cup of the Lord’s wrath is full.
Full against America, His bright and shining star, has committed harlotry with the Prince of darkness. She was once white as snow, a blessing in the earth – but is now full of rottenness and dead men’s bones.
Climb into the ark oh righteous souls. Leave no sin unconfessed – for whether you will be kept or swept away into eternity – only I know.
Clean your house your soul and mind. Have nothing to do with the works of darkness.
You know not what lies ahead.
The cup of God’s wrath is full.