April 28, 2015

For all of those that have ever lifted me up in prayer
Thank you! I don’t think we realize the power of a heartfelt prayer.


I am a small and lowly saint
Belonging to the Lord
But when I pray
It changes the day
His grace is given with hope

When I am down
And I cry out
And you lift me up in prayer
I want you to know
God’s power it shows
I can feel His presence there

Sometimes we pray
And walk away
And never will we know
That on the other end of prayer
Such power has been bestowed

So on this day
I want to say
Your value is immense
A heartfelt prayer
Because you care
His rescue can commence

copyright 2015 Jean Chamblee

A Place Of Safety

April 28, 2015

There is a place called refuge
Not in this earthly realm
But it is a place that we can dwell
With Jesus at the helm

Within that walk of confidence
We can walk away
From all the voices on the earth
That catch our breath away

So many things distract us
They are the enemy
Of the Source that gives us life
Lord, open our eyes to see

What are you being robbed of?
Our Lord, His heart does bleed
He sees your woundedness child
And you He wants to be…

Safely in His sheepfold
Where He can keep you warm
Holding you close to His chest
Keeping you from harm

Why is it we can’t see Him
Think that He doesn’t care
We’ve bought the lies about Him
Think that He’s really not there

Now you don’t need a building
Or a pew to kneel down there
There is an alter in your heart
And He will meet you there

Don’t you know He’s waiting
He wants to draw you in
To that place of loving
Forgiving all your sin

He promises to cleanse you
Your past to throw away
You simply need to trust Him
And talk to Him today

copyright 2010 Jean Chamblee