January 17, 2015

Oh how it hurts
When your eyes can see
Places of darkness
That we need to flee

Knowing the loss
It’s a dear memory
Knowing the cost
The price to be free

The greatest decision
I made in my life
Was to trust the Almighty
And walk towards the Light

Oh how awesome it’s been
For these thirty years
To find hidden treasure
And share hidden tears

To be friends with Creator
Is worth what it cost
This world is all passing
It will soon all be lost

copyright 2010 Jean Chamblee


January 17, 2015

Overcome the obstacles
Sweep the dust off the rug
We must keep pressing forward
By the power of His blood

So easy to lay down
But you’re important don’t you know
God made you as you are
And you have something special to show

Continue as a Lighthouse
Sitting high upon a hill
Giving warning to the ships
That are speeding towards such peril

Time is such a precious thing
Not something we can waste
Can’t lick our wounds forever
Get up now and set the pace

Jump into the river
There’s surprises ‘round the bend
You’ll be glad you kept on moving
As the Light opens again

copyright 2009 Jean Chamblee