Humbled By Mercy, Challenged By Faith

November 18, 2014

Mercy, mercy
Has been given to me
Everywhere I look
That is what I see

So many mistakes
And yet I’m wiped clean
As I humble myself
Confess my wrong deed

Each and every morning
He grants it anew
Amazing about God
Forgives me and you

I think it’s much harder
To forgive myself
I seem to keep records
On some mental shelf

I’ve learned to forgive others
It’s a practiced state
But when it comes to myself
Feel like it’s too late

But that’s not forgiveness
It takes faith to grab hold
And let go of those things
That brought a stronghold

He really does forgive
It’s honesty He craves
There’s nothing too far
From the reach of His ways

You see it’s His choice
He sent us His Son
So He could come love us
That victory won

He chose it, He chose it
He wants to forgive
So we can stay free
And continue to live

Live in His presence
Always welcome to come
Knowing He forgets
All the wrong we have done

Fresh starts are open
Not bound to yesterday
As we open our hearts
For a brand new day

So I pray for you and me
That we can accept
The goodness of God
And let go of regrets

Today and tomorrow
Can rest safely in His hands
As we choose to walk with Him
And to follow His plans

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee

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