August 27, 2014

In the twilight of life
Things start to change
How you view time
The value of things

A clearer perspective
Can come your way
If you gracefully accept
There’s an end to our days

Each moment becomes precious
A value in time
Each word that is spoken
Each rhythm and rhyme

A day to encourage
A gift that’s sublime
There is no small offering
In the eyes of Divine

The world cries “less value”
Unless we produce
What seems right to them
The ways that they choose

But God sees it different
If only a prayer
Said from a bedside
Can bring heaven’s air

The most powerful of things
Dwells in our hearts
Our hunger for Him
Need never depart

No matter our state
If we are in Him
A blessing we bring
Until our life ends

And then there are memories
Prayers that live on
A God that remembers
And still hears our song

Carrying those loved ones
Whose name whispered clear
Prayers said for strangers
Whose plight we could hear

So yes, there is value
At all stages of life
Until the day comes
When we’re swallowed in Light

Every prayer uttered
Every word spoken right
Things done for the King
Will keep shining bright

So when you reach twilight
Don’t ever back off
Your faith still works wonders
Though others may scoff

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee


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