Honoring Father

August 27, 2014

I was thinking about my Dad, Fred Chamblee, today. Most people didn’t know what he lived through. I guess at the time he thought it was appropriate for him to keep quiet so as not to affect the confidence of his clients. He was an attorney.

My Dad had brittle diabetes from his 20’s on. He was not one to complain, almost to a fault! It was not until much later when I had my own health issues, that I could really see and appreciate his courage and fortitude.

He got up every day and poked a hole in his skin so he could measure his blood sugar. Then he loaded a shot and gave it to himself in the stomach or where ever he could find. He did this twice a day for at least 50 years, so that he could continue to live. Some misinformed charismatics would say that he was “faithless” because he must not have believed God to heal him. But I see it a different way. He had to walk in faith every day of his life, trusting God to keep him alive. Faith pleases God, anyway you look at it!

Many times he was supernaturally rescued by the hand of God. Once my mother was driving in town and got a horrible feeling she could not shake off. She turned the car around and drove to my dad’s office and found him unconscious under the table. He was minutes from death. She gave him what he needed and called the ambulance, but they both knew it was the leading of the Holy Spirit and Divine intervention that saved him.

Another time, he wasn’t aware of his blood sugar being off and was driving erratically. A policeman that happen to know him and know he was a diabetic, came up behind him. He gently pulled up beside him and forced him off the road. This man was so respectful and took my dad home and saw to it that the car was returned. How rare and tender are the mercies of God and bless the kind policeman that helped him.

Later in life, he became more open about his diabetes, even encouraging young men that had to learn to deal with it. He also was the first in town to try out the new insulin pump and had his picture in the paper.

As I think about it now, his life was heroic in that manner. He didn’t give up. He kept walking forward. I’m sure there were days that were fearful and days where he didn’t feel like eating right or sticking a needle in his body. He must have felt like a pin cushion. But he kept living and I was so glad that he lived to a good old age of 79. Those were not easy years. He had a relationship with God and his faith I’m sure is part of what kept him going. He kept fighting the good fight of faith.

So for this and many other things. I want to say a “thank you” to Fred Chamblee. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but he was a courageous man, even though for most of the years only God his Father really understood what faith it took to keep going.
Thank you for reading this! I know it’s not Fathers day or anything, but today I just felt like “honoring my father”.

Blessings, Jean


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