June 26, 2014

The richest of treasures
to be found on the earth
Are not the things found
or regarded as worth

Treasures are truly
forged in the fire
Not easy to come by
not cheap like attire

Available to all
but rarely attained
Not too many willing
to endure all the pain

What makes up it’s value
is unique in it’s way
It cannot be stolen
it’s eternal and will stay

Branded by marks
only the Creator can give
Imprints like His
from the life that He lived

A treasure is treasure
by who values it the most
When God looks at something
and can’t help but boast

Pleased when He sees it
can’t help but smile
What He places value on
will last for a while

All that He saw
in His own beloved son
When He sees those things in us
a victory is won

Embodied in Christ
is all that He loves
It’s been given to us
like His son to become

Character like Jesus
reflected in us
Forged in the fire
changed to gold from the dust

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee Thomas


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