June 25, 2014

Wounded soldier standing there
Involved in a war, nobody cares
But God sees all, He knows your pain
Keeps your tears that fall like rain

Wounded in the depths of soul
Firey darts that burn a hole
Enemies that are deep and wide
The pit of hell, it’s flames they hide

Ignorant ones, who is to blame?
They’ve not been taught, so where’s the shame?
Many think they are fighting right
Not realizing they are empowering the night

Following emotion, what feels good
The Words of God, not understood
Departing from the ways of faith
They won’t find out, until it’s too late

2 Thess says, “A great falling away”
Deceived by the piper that leads them astray
Not knowing the words, clearly laid out
They dance right behind him, giving a shout

Painful to see as they part from the Way
But that’s what Jesus has said of this Day
Wounded soldier, standing alone
It won’t be too long, before Christ takes you home

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee


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