May 31, 2014

It’s a great question…is God hindered by our circumstances? In truth, it is only the belief that He is hindered, that hinders us. To think that a circumstance is greater than God is a misunderstanding of His greatness. It is our own unbelief and close minded thoughts that keep us from moving beyond our hindrances.

For instance, was God unable to use Paul when he was in jail? No, he witnessed to prisoners, guards, and wrote the incredible letters that make up so much of the new testament. In modern days….was Joni Earekson Tada hindered by being a quadriplegic? No! She has reached more people than you and I could reach in a lifetime. Why? Because she chose to believe that God was greater than her disability. Was God hindered while Joseph was in slavery? No! He simply kept right on preparing his character and knowledge that readied him to be a great leader in the coming years.

God can take the very thing that we consider bad or tragic and turn it into the greatest blessing ever. If we let Him do it! I remember hearing about the Judd sisters. One became a successful actress and the other a successful country singer. When talking about their childhood, they were raised by a single mom and were financially struggling. They had a house out in the country and no where to go while their mom was at work. Ashley read books and Wynonna played guitar and wrote songs. What seemed like a curse at the time, was the perfect set-up to prepare them for their future. If they had had lots of money and lived in the city, would either one of them have developed their artistic side? Probably not!

Now we are not all destined to be famous, but we, as Christians, are destined to become like Jesus Christ. To have His character developed in us. It doesn’t always come easy, but rest assured that God is always at work in you, whether you see it or not. Sometimes we need to embrace who He wants us to be. I have seen some Christians so self-willed and hell bent on getting their own way and having “their” dreams fulfilled, that they totally miss God and waste countless years trying to get what they want.

So I encourage you….embrace where you are and begin to look for God in the midst of it all. Our God is not hindered by our circumstances…choose to open your eyes and seek Him right where you are. You will be the one that finds treasure!

Have a great day!


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