May 14, 2014

There is no rushing through the day
No need to hurry now
It’s time to settle down and think
To contemplate the how

So curious I have been of You
The wonders of the earth
Want to sit and ponder all
Creation has such worth

You must have sat and thought awhile
Each thing you did create
The wonder of each color
LordYour vision is so great

We pass so quickly by each day
A masterpiece of art
A flower, bug, or lady love
So abundant, where to start

When you created cuddle fish
How long did you sit and think?
Each system that would make it work
It’s food, it’s life, it’s drink

How blind are we to rush through time
Never slowing down
To enter into eternal things
And see the Master’s crown

The splendor of the heart of God
His mind, His thoughts, His ways
I’m looking forward to when it stops
And all will look Your way

No longer veiled in secrets
Your beauty to behold
Eternity’s an awesome place
No more of time’s stronghold

But for now Lord help me out
As I sit quietly at Your feet
To enter that eternal place
Where heaven and earth do meet

copyright 2009 Jean Chamblee


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