Learning To Trust

April 24, 2014

You’re not alone
He sees you try
To meet all your own needs
He wonders why

All things possible
To them that believe
That a loving Father
Your stress to relieve

Each circumstance , a signpost
Directing the way
To reveal that the answers
On the cross they were laid

Often we end up
On a dead end street
But that’s okay
When the Master you meet

Leading us to
The ways of the Lord
The only thing working
The truth of His word

Oh how we must humble
Ourselves at His feet
Admitting our weakness
In truth as we see

Learning to trust
As He answers again
Our heartfelt cries
Repentance of sin

After all we are planning
To dwell in His house
To live there forever
Like a heavenly spouse

Should we not learn
His well being for us
With each passing day
Learning to trust

Cry out, cry out
You’re not alone
Jesus is still sitting
There on the throne

He wants us to enter
Into His rest
To know quite assuredly
His desire for us is best

copyright 2014 Jean Chamblee


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