David’s Secret

April 24, 2014

God is awesome, I believe He speaks in many ways, King David understood this. As a shepherd boy, he saw that God was a good shepherd leading him into green pastures and still waters just as he led his sheep. David discovered a secret about God. He discovered that as he drew near to God, God would draw near to him. God actually desired intimacy with him and us. David loved God’s words and loved God with all of his heart, wanting to please him above all else.

He was a poor shepherd boy isolated from family and society in the hills surrounding Israel. For long periods of time he was tending the sheep, but that didn’t stop him from growing. In fact the isolation and poverty pushed him into a deeper relationship and appreciation for God than perhaps anything else. This was the training ground of God for David. You see how David’s faith and love grew toward God so much so that when a lion attacked his sheep, David went out and killed it. When a bear attacked, he killed it also. A good shepherd is fearless and unshakable. He lays down his life for the sheep.

Where do you think he learned this? God was developing David’s trust and character in the field, so later when he faced his greatest test, Goliath, he would be ready and so he was. Sometimes in our most unlikely circumstances, God is at work. Can you look into your life and perhaps get a new perspective as to what character God is trying to build into you?

by Ed Thomas


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