A Thought For The Day … Life Lesson Surprise

April 22, 2014

Sometimes in our most unlikely circumstances, God is at work. It’s easy to miss what God is trying to build into us, until we take a fresh look from a new perspective…

Think about the Bible. God used a shepherd’s job to prepare David to be a protector of Israel. He defeated a lion and bear before he ever came to his challenge with Goliath. Moses was intrenched in the ways of Egypt and carried the weight of leadership (being in the kings house) which prepared him to fulfill his purpose as deliverer and leader of Israel.

For me, in one instance, God used a nasty tempered boss to teach me to begin to learn how to walk in love. When I arrived on the new job, my supervisor disliked me before I had even been there long enough to do anything wrong. I felt like I had walked into a hornets nest. I had prayed fervently for God to lead me to the right job and I knew I had been led to this one, so how could this be? I went home several times in tears as my boss continually picked on me unjustly.

I began to get angry at God because I did not understand His purposes. “How could you do this God? How could you lead me here? I’m going to just quit! ” I said to Him.  As I waited quietly I heard His quiet calming voice, “You asked me to prepare you for ministry, right?” “Yes” I said. “Well, there will be people like this everywhere you go and you need to learn how to deal rightly with this kind of situation.” He softly spoke. “ And you can leave this job if you like, but there will be the same kind of person at the next, and you can leave that one, and there will be someone of like issues there.”

So I decided to just stay at the current job and get the lesson over with instead of prolonging it. I can’t say that I was happy about it or that it got much easier, but I set my soul to learn about walking in love towards my boss. I would pray for her and forgive her attitude and work hard to have a genuine good will in my heart towards her.

Finally, after about a year, I was walking through the warehouse alone and chuckled to myself as I looked in my heart. I whispered inside to myself and God, “I really have love for her now! I truly wish her well and it is genuine inside my heart”. I honestly felt like I had overcome and even my boss had seemed to sweeten up a tiny bit. I felt such a beautiful victory!

The next day I came to work, everything was abuzz. My boss had been caught embezzling money and was fired that morning. She had already cleared out her desk and was gone. I was floored. It was as if God said, “Yes you have overcome, and the lesson is finished.” I was amazed!

I began to understand some of the workings of God in my life in a new way. The potter and the clay. He was building character in me. This situation had not been for me to be crushed or hurt, but to grow me in a very specific area. I prayed for my boss to get a new job and come to know the Lord herself. I rejoiced at the knowing in my heart that God would answer that prayer and look after her.

Looking back, I realize that it must have been her own guilty conscience that made her come against me right off the bat. It had more to do with Christ in me than me. It was an eye opening time.

So I pray that you take a fresh look at your life and see if the Master is at work. Your circumstances may not be as strange as you think they are. 🙂 Have a great day!

Isaiah 64:8 But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.


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