This Is So Cool I Had To Share It!

April 16, 2014

PRAISE REPORT: So last week our Pastor asked us to all join in with 40 days of fasting and prayer. He made it easy to do that each person could choose their own fast…..partial, meatless, liquid, some gave up sugar, some coffee, etc. you get the point….to give up something for 40 days. Also to spend the first fifteen minutes of the day with God….5 in prayer, 5 in worship, 5 in the Word. THIS week we had over 40 new decisions for Christ and 89 baptisms! Praise God and wow….to ignore the connection of the fasting and prayer with the dramatic salvations a week later would be silly! Excited to keep going and see what else God will do in this season! So for those who are curious… is the Biblical explanation of what a God directed fast can accomplish!
Isaiah 58:6
“Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, To undo the heavy burdens, To let the oppressed go free, And that you break every yoke?”

Fasting is a powerful  “tool” God has given and He honors!  Hope this will excite you and you can try one on your own or with a group. I have never done one that did not bring results! Often great results that I did not expect, an opening of something I did not see and a closer position with God!  It’s a blessing and I hope you will enjoy and be blessed too!!


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