Love Can Overcome

March 21, 2014

Love can overcome
A multitude of sins
It is important to forgive
So that love can win

Not so easy, I admit
Daggers in the soul
Inflicted by another’s words
That leave a gaping hole

Called to do it , yes we are
No matter what the pain
Grace can carry us to there
On that forgiveness plane

Resting in the quiet place
Releasing it with tears
Into the Father’s hands we rain
It’s music to His ears

So pleased is He when we obey
This challenging command
He forgave us first this way
The nail scars in His hand

There’s beauty and there’s cleansing
As we let offenses go
Releasing chains that wounds can bring
Gives wings unto our soul

“Forgive and I’ll forgive you too”
Words close to the Father’s heart
You can bring a smile to Him
As you let the offense depart

It’s in the overcoming
That love can have it’s way
A crop of beauty it can bring
Into your life today.

copyright Jean Chamblee  2011


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