Love Can Overcome

March 21, 2014

Love can overcome
A multitude of sins
It is important to forgive
So that love can win

Not so easy, I admit
Daggers in the soul
Inflicted by another’s words
That leave a gaping hole

Called to do it , yes we are
No matter what the pain
Grace can carry us to there
On that forgiveness plane

Resting in the quiet place
Releasing it with tears
Into the Father’s hands we rain
It’s music to His ears

So pleased is He when we obey
This challenging command
He forgave us first this way
The nail scars in His hand

There’s beauty and there’s cleansing
As we let offenses go
Releasing chains that wounds can bring
Gives wings unto our soul

“Forgive and I’ll forgive you too”
Words close to the Father’s heart
You can bring a smile to Him
As you let the offense depart

It’s in the overcoming
That love can have it’s way
A crop of beauty it can bring
Into your life today.

copyright Jean Chamblee  2011

Why, oh why Lord

Do we struggle so?

I asked Him one day

When I was feeling quite low


His answer surprised me 

As He said with a smile

Come and I’ll tell you child, 

Sit with me awhile


Look at the caterpillar crawling about

It goes into hiding before it comes out

It makes a cocoon as I’ve taught it to do

And waits until spring when formation is through


Now when it is ready

It struggles about

To get free from it’s prison

To finally come out


It’s there in the struggle

It’s wings find their strength

It would not be ready

This process it brings


Brings about forming

All of it’s parts

Like muscles get stronger

With the beating of the heart


If the process was shortened

On the ground it would lie

Free from it’s prison

Yet there it would die


The wings must be ready

To catch on the breeze

Strengthened by struggle

And now that it’s free


Flying in beauty

Above all the earth

Fulfilling it’s purpose

It’s reason for birth


So it is with my children

They’re growing inside

Their struggle for freedom

Prepares them to fly


So don’t be discouraged

You will overcome

Despise not the small things

My will’s being done


Trust me in all things

My leading is right

I know what you need child

So you can take flight


copyright  2012  Jean Chamblee


March 2, 2014

What is courage?

What shall we say?

Is it loud and boisterous?

Not always the case


Is it mental assent?

Does it come from the heart?

A step into danger 

Having counted the cost?


Take a look at our Saviour

He knew early on

That His people would betray Him

And yet He walked on


He knew fully well

What the cross would entail

The physical brutality

The pain of the nails


He knew that His friends

Would cower away

Only John and some ladies

At the cross would stay


What example for us

The truth He displays

His eyes were wide open 

To the price He would pay


Yet still, He walked on

It was  love in His heart

He knew what He came for

From this purpose did not depart


So it is, we must follow

Choices to be made

When the going gets tough

Is it Truth we’ll betray?


To go with the crowd

To avoid suffering

Is acceptance our god?

Or to Truth will we cling?


These choices are coming

Have been all along

The crossroads are clear

To whom you belong


No one can answer

This question for you

No one will stand 

Before God with you too


So make up your mind

Of this thing be sure

Will you walk with the Lord

And with courage endure….


copyright  2013  Jean Chamblee