February 27, 2014

As we look at the headlines and it seems we are entering a new era of a cold war….my thought turn to history and what we can learn from our ancestors…..

Let History Teach Us Well

New war it is arising

Like the days gone by

Lessons long forgotten

The pain of histories cry


A whole generation

Sincerely has no clue

Oh Lord we have forgotten

To teach them so much truth


Their focus is short-sighted

Living for the day

Can’t help but feel a pinch of guilt

As our liberty has been frayed


So how can we prepare them

What gift can we now give

Continue with the teaching 

That in Jesus we must live


He’ll get us through the hard times

Though leanness there may be

He’ll lead us through the darkness

His light is how we’ll see


As we look at generations

How did they survive?

They walked by all God’s promises

That’s what kept their souls alive


They lived through wars and famine

They have a tale to tell

No matter what affects their life

With God it will be well


The changes may be painful

A different lifestyle yet

But as we look at Paul’s great words

In all things he was content


Content in all abundance

Content in lacking too

He learned the secret of the cross

That God will be with you


So grab the message of the Lord

Let history teach us well

He walked our ancestors through it all

Many lived to tell the tale


There is hope in memories

Memories of the past

As we kneel and seek the Lord

We know our faith will last


Sailing through the changing tides

We know that it will be well

As we stay close by His side

In His refuge we will dwell


So loosen up the rigid ways

Get ready for the change

And be a light inside your world

In Christ we shall be brave


We were born for such a time

Such a time as this

God will take us through each day

As long as we are His


copyright  2014   Jean Chamblee


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